About the Website

I’ve had some sort of website going for many years now.  The current website uses wordpress to do all of its things with a theme called Eclipse.

About Craig

Sometimes people are looking for other people that they haven’t seen for a while. My name is pretty common so let’s get some information out there so if I’m not the Craig Small you’re looking for, you can wander off to your next search hit.

I was born in 1971, went to Heathcote Public, Sutherland Public and Heathcote High Schools. I then went to University of Technology, Sydney graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering. I have lived at Heathcote, Loftus, Charlestown, Penshurst, Minto, Menai and Mount Annan. With the exception of Charlestown (near Newcastle, NSW, Australia) all of these places are Sydney, Australia, suburbs.

I’ve worked at State Rail and Optus (now back there), plus plenty of other smaller places for a few days at a time. I’m still in IT and computer networks.

Currently I’m married with two sons, one dog and a varying number of goldfish and we all live just outside Canberra.

So if you’re still reading, you either know me or are real bored and would read anything and all the good websites are slow or down or something. Anyhow it’s all here for someone to read.

Not Me

There are a few of us around the world. My first-name and surname are not exactly rare things so you would expect some duplicates. If the other Craig Small’s email me they get added to this list. Here is a list of people who are me by name only:

  • Craig Small in Colorado, USA who has a website nuttier than mine (website www.funnybacon.com down).
  • Craig Small in Toronto, Canada who has “our” domain and is involved in film and broadcast design.
  • A travelling Craig Small, who travels the world and writes about it in his blog.

If you’re a Craig Small and want to be listed here then let me know. We do the link swap thing. Improves your Google ranking and impress your friends (only if they are the sort that are easily impressed). It increases my ranking too, so it won’t help you with the ego search; that just needs you write lots of emails and free software so you get the tons of spam like me.

As far as I am aware, I also do not appear in any of the images found when searching for “Craig Small” on Google Images though most of what is found for the first few pages of Google is about me.

Contacting me

To contact me you can either email the link right down the bottom. I also got twitter with a link at the top of the page.

I am also online using the chat protocol of Jabber or XMPP. My jid is the same as my email address which is username csmall and domain dropbear.xyz Current chat status is . You can use that to drop me a line.


I am also in the “Fediverse” on a Mastodon server @[email protected]

My GPG key

In the beginning there was PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy. Now there is GnuPG or GNU Privacy Guard. Both programs allow you to electronically sign and encrypt email or other electronic files. I have had a 1024 bit key for ages, but its time to update to 4096.

Old Key

My key is on most key-servers but I also keep a copy of my PGP key on this website.

 New Key

My new key has signature 5D2F B320 B825 D939 04D2 0519 3938 F96B DF50 FEA5 and is found on most keyservers.